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Wintergreen Pure Essential Oil

Wintergreen 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Gaultheria fragrantissima

Our wintergreen essential oil is steam distilled from the sustainably wildcrafted leaves of the small wintergreen shrub growing wild in the high elevations of the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. 

The deep green, minty leaves of the evergreen Gaultheria fragmentissima wall shrub create a fresh, sweet, minty essential oil.  Emotionally and energetically, wintergreen essential oil revitalizes.

Aroma: Sweet, Minty, Refreshing

Color: Clear to light green

Fragrance classification: Top Note

Blends Well With: Geranium, Marjoram, Peppermint, Oregano, Spearmint, Ylang Ylang

Chemical Components: Methyl salicylate α-pinene, myrcene, delta-3-carene, Limonene 

Precaution: Possible Skin Sensitizer