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Patchouli Pure Essential Oil

Patchouli 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Pogostemon cablin

Our patchouli essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the patchouli plant cultivated in fields located in the tropical rain forests of Indonesia. We love using this essential oil when looking to balance and calm the mind, body, and spirit.

The rich green leaves of the bushy Pogostemom cablin herb create a sweet, peppery, earthy, herbaceous, slightly balsamic essential oil. Along with working to usher balance to the physical, mental, and spiritual terrains, patchouli essential oil can help with minor pain and inflammation management, reduce bacterial and fungal issues, and help boost a immune system. This essential oil is incredibly skin nourishing, making it a lovely choice for helping heal minor scars, sores, eczema, and surface wounds.

Emotionally and energetically, patchouli essential oil can help balance overthinking and worry. It is uplifting and an exquisite oil to use during times of situational depression and anxiety. Patchouli essential oil can open the mind and heart, heightening the senses and connecting with one’s sensual inner being.