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Lime Pure Essential Oil

Lime 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Citrus aurantifolia


Our lime essential oil is steam distilled from fresh, fragrant rinds of the lime citrus fruit growing in orchards that dot parts of the sunny, warm southern Italian countryside. We love using this essential oil to help reduce the presence of unwanted bacterial, fungal, and/or viral activity.

The fresh, tart, green rinds of the Citrus aurantifolia fruit create a citrusy, fruity, sweet, sparkling essential oil. Along with helping to purify unwanted microbial activity. This is an essential oil that adds sparkle and vitality to blends and is so welcome and uplifting when one is fighting a cold or flu-like symptoms. Lime essential oil can help remove unwanted oil from the skin and help limit the effects of acne, when used at an appropriate dilution.
Emotionally and energetically, lime essential oil refreshes and uplifts. It may help ease situational anxiety and depression. Lime essential oil brings sunshine and light to the mind, body, and spirit.