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Grapefruit Peel Pure Essential Oil

Grapefruit Peel 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Citrus paradisi

Our white grapefruit essential oil is cold pressed from the fresh rinds of white grapefruit harvested from orchards located in the Mexico. We love putting this bright essential oil in blends formulated to reduce the presence of bacterial, viral, or fungal activity.

The vibrant yellow rinds from the Citrus paradisi fruit create a deliciously sweet, citrusy, sparkly essential oil. Along with helping to reduce the presence of microbial activity, white grapefruit essential oil is also used when looking to support minor pain and inflammation relief, to help build up the immune system, as a lymphatic stimulant, and as a tonic for promoting healthy skin.

Emotionally and energetically, white grapefruit essential oil is uplifting and cleansing. This essential oil is often used when looking to inspire positive energy. White grapefruit essential is a welcome comfort when dealing with situational anxiety or depression.