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Clove Bud Pure Essential Oil

Clove Bud 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Syzygium Aromaticum

Our clove bud essential oil is steam distilled from the handpicked buds and leaves of the evergreen clove trees growing wild in the forests of Madagascar, Indonesia, or India. One of our favorite ways of using this essential oil is to help with minor pain and inflammation management.

The blossoming, tiny, crimson buds and green, waxy leaves of the Syzygium Aromaticum evergreen tree create a warm, spicy, sweet, fruity, woodsy essential oil. Along with helping to manage minor pain and inflammation, clove bud essential oil is a strong choice when looking to prevent a potential cold or flu. This essential oil is immensely beneficial as a digestive support when gently massaged onto the abdomen. Often, clove bud essential oil is used when looking to minimize bacterial, viral, or fungal activity.

Emotionally and energetically, this essential oil warms and comforts. With its spicy nature, clove bud essential oil promotes greater self-assurance and fosters confidence during challenging times or unexpected transitions.