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Dusty Rose Clay Mask Facial Collection
Dusty Rose Clay Mask Facial Collection

Dusty Rose Clay Mask Facial Collection

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 Exfoliate Nourish Hydrate

Dusty Rose Clay Mask Facial Collection 

              Dusty Rose Clay   Hydrating Water                                      Cucumber Willow Bark Toner


Star Ingredients

Dusty Rose French Pink Clay

 A beautiful blend of French Pink Clay and Organic Rose Petals up lift the senses while helping to Cleanse and Detoxify the skin Leaving the skin refreshed and glowing

  The benefits of *Organic Rose Petal Powder

Organic rose petal powder is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants to help boost the skins natural Collagen production and strengthen skin cells. Leaving the skin refreshed and toned 

Hydrating Waters of Lavender & Rose Geranium

Organic Rose Geranium & Lavender Floral Water (Hydrosol)

Soothing and calming for all skin types, helps to purify & balance, leaving your skin feeling refreshed & glowing


Cucumber & Willow Bark Toner

A nourishing blend of botanical goodness to tone, helps regenerate and balance the skin. Leaving the skin smooth & protected

  Organic Willow Bark Extract - Natural exfoliant, regenerates and tones the skin    Organic Rosemary Extract - Calming, Healing, Powerful Antioxidants 
  Organic Green Tea Extract - Improves hydration, Calming, Repairs, Cleanses
  Organic Carrot Seed Oil - Protects, Brightens, Rich in Vitamins A,C & E
  Organic Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin) Oil, Nourishing, Powerful antioxidants 
  Organic botanical waters - Calming to all skin types

    Uses: Cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify & hydrate. 

    Gentle suitable for all skin types. In a glass bowl add One tablespoon of Dusty Rose French Clay, drizzle in nourishing floral waters till it reaches an oatmeal consistency. Allow mixer to rest for a few minutes, for all botanicals to come together.

     Apply evenly to clean skin, avoiding the eye and mouth areas.  Sit back and relax and allow the clay mixture to gently dry on skin, I call this my quiet time!  Rinse face with warm water, and pat skin dry. Apply Cucumber willow bark toner and allow to dry. Follow up with Botanical Face serum

    Cucumber Willow Bark Toner - AM & PM.  After cleansing, lightly spray or saturate cotton pad and gently sweep over face and neck.  


    *Recycle or reuse glass containers