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Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil

Cedarwood 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Cedrus atlantica

Our cedarwood atlas essential oil is steam distilled from the wood of the cedarwood atlas tree growing wild in the forests of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. One of our favorite ways to use cedarwood atlas essential oil is in blends formulated to help stabilize and calm a restless mind or spirit as it has such remarkable grounding benefits.

The striking, rich wood from the Cedrus atlantica conifer creates a woodsy, citrusy, slightly resinous essential oil that can be helpful in blends formulated to possibly reduce pain and inflammation. Cedarwood atlas essential oil is known as a gentle giant, as it is both soft and powerful and has a wide variety of applications. As with many of the conifer oils, cedarwood atlas essential oil is an exquisite choice when looking to support healthy lungs and promote clear breathing.