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CBD Balm

JB's Nature's Relief

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All In One Natural Pain Relief Balm

Sore? Achy? Constant pain? 

Contains 99.9% pure Crystalline Hemp from the #1 producer in the United States

The perfect pain relieving remedy soothes while putting your body and mind at ease infused with Lavender, Frankincense essential oils & Arnica montana oil  

 Topical balm with a pleasant aroma that works with natures ingredients 

Ingredients & Benefits 

Coconut Oil

  • Prevents aging of the skin
  • Rich in proteins
  • High in fatty acids
  • Rich in vitamin E  

100% Pure Bees Wax

  • Protective layer for your skin
  • Reduces dryness 
  • Contains vitamin A

Cocoa butter

  • Deep hydration
  • Antioxidant
  • Promotes skin healing
  • Prevents aging
  • Rich in vitamins E & K 

Shea Butter

  • Deep Moisturizing 
  • Intense Healing Properties
  • Helps with rejuvenating skin cells
  • Rich in Vitamin A & E
  • High in fatty acids
Organic Olive Oil infused w/ Arnica montana 
  • Relieves pain, ache, bruises, swelling, arthritis 

100% pure French Lavender dentata essential oil

  • Relieves pain, nervous tension, enhance blood circulation, calming

100% pure Frankincense Boswellia serrata Essential oil

  • Relieves chronic stress & anxiety
  • Reduces pain & inflammation 

100% pure  Black pepper Piper nigrum Essential Oil

  • Relieves aches & pains
  • Enhancing circulation
  • Promotes warming effect

 99.9% pure Crystalline Hemp 300mg

  • Natural pain relief
  • release of anxiety
  • Soothing of irritated skin 
  • Natures cure all " Search all the Benefits"