It Begins With Clean Natural Organic Plant Based Botanical Ingredients

JB's  Natural Organic Body Lotion
JB's  Natural Organic Body Lotion
JB's  Natural Organic Body Lotion

JB's Natural Organic Body Lotion

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Natural & Organically Rich Nourishing Moisturizer Packed with Skin Loving Plant based Ingredients to Nourish, Hydrate & Protect Your skin 

Organic Body Lotion- We Handcraft our lotions in small batches to bring you the perfect botanical experience to hydrate nourish and protect your skin, no matter what the day brings. The silky-smooth whipped texture leaves your skin feeling amazing with no sticky feeling. We bring you the best that nature offers to pamper your skin and uplift your senses with our Aromatherapy blends

The Superstar Ingredients

We hand pick & blend our organic botanicals to bring you the incredible beauty from plants

Beautiful Organic Plant Waters

Hydrating Organic Plant Oils

Infused Organic Botanical Goodness with Calendula, Marshmallow Root & Red Clover

100% Pure Essential Oils

 Organic Vitamin E, Organic Nigella Sativa, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil


Indulge your Senses with Our Aromatherapy Essential Scent Blends

CALM                                                                                   A calming Blend of Lavender Bergamot Lime to indulge your senses with hints of Floral Citrusy 

REFRESH                                                                            A refreshing and uplifting blend of Lemongrass, Lemon & Grapefruit                                                     

 UPLIFT                                                                                A refreshing & uplifting blend of Rosemary, Mint & Citrus. Bring a little energy to your day

NAKED                                                                                Clean and Pure 

How to Use

Apply as needed to clean dry skin - Wherever Needed & Whenever the Skin needs immediate hydration

Suitable for all skin types for all over nourishing hydration from your head to your toes



Packaged in a glass recyclable container

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product does not claim to treat, cure, or diagnose an illness. You should consult a heath care professional before using any new herbal products, especially if you are pregnant