It Begins With Clean Natural Organic Plant Based Botanical Ingredients

2020 Brings Fresh Ideas!

Thank you for joining me, have to say this is my first official blog so bear with me. 

My back ground is in horticulture, 25 years Head Horticulturist at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. Plants have always been my passion with a true love of herbs.

 We started Just breathe in 2013 after years of making my own skincare and giving it away as gifts. We began just breathe to share what we were handcrafting, at the time their was not much on the market that was natural, plant based, organic and affordable. Our focus has always been to bring you simple honest nourishing plant based skincare that you can trust and afford.

Fast forward to 2020, we plan on handcrafting the same amazing skincare products with an added twist. We will be infusing our waters and oils with amazing  beneficial herbs such as Calendula, Passionflowers, Marshmallows, Rosehips and Much more.  We handcraft everything in small batches so if you are allergic to something we use we can work with you on making a few changes.


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