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Today my son and I went to Just Breath for the first time and couldn't be happier! We both aromatherapy necklace and scents, then I also bought me a balm stick. I have been looking for more effective all natural ways to help calm and reduce my anxiety and PTSD and today after buying our items we put them to the test. I have a very hard time being in a crowded place, so we went to Walmart in Central Park and the place was packed! After taking a few deep breaths I started to feel more relaxed and not so tense as I normally would. This company is the real deal. I have finally found something that works and helps me, four years with MS multiple sclerosis and all I've wanted to do is go all natural and I finally found a true business that is only natural and also who understands the importance it was to me to find someone and something that worked. I can't thank you both so much! You have me forever as a client!


I really dropped the ball keeping you all abreast, but these products were so much more than I expected them to be. As someone who has NEVER taken care of their skin, I can honestly say I've never noticed any great difference among the big commercial brands. This stuff, however, knocked my socks off. My skin felt clean without that feeling of something left behind. My skin felt moisturized without a greasy layer on top. The scent of the products was a light and natural one...not a chemically odor. I'm a fan. I don't think anyone would be disappointed in this stuff. Do your skin a favor and give it a try. I went from leathery sandpaper on my forearms to smooth healthier skin. That transition took two or three days, not the entire bottle of lotion.

Mary Nottingham

They have amazing products! I have sensitive skin, and they helped me figure out what would work best for me. All natural and top quality all the way. I especially love the soaps and the lip balms. Very happy customer!

Sherri Martin

I'm super in love with body butters and soap. It has been weeks now. Just flawless, they smell great. My skin from being too dry to super smooth hydrated and softest. I use the soap for my face too, especially when I'm in a hurry. I wash my face with eyes open. I will buy for more. I normally buy beauty products at vitamin shoppe. That's how I'm paranoid with Parabens and chemicals. Until I discovered these!!! 😱Happy client here!

mkc jewelry

FANTASTIC PRODUCT! Great people and so easy to work with. Check them out!

Eric Tazier

I love their products, and they have great customer service!

Sherri Morris

Tammy's Reference Material

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Tammy & Ken

Dystonia Awareness

Ken's Journey

I was a very active person spending over 20 years as a automotive technician and service consultant.  I spent this time helping customers with their needs as well as repairing there vehicles. I started suffering with tremors and neck pain and then it led to speech conditions. After many visits to a array of specialists I was diagnosed with Dystonia in 2012. This disease has no cure at this time.

In my past life I was surrounded by many  chemicals in my environment and added more by the skin care products I used. I believe this was the leading factor to my medical problems and a need for a major turning point in my life. 

To be health safe and be aware of all the ingredients we where applying to our bodies we started producing safe and natural skin care products for our self's. Then naturally we started sharing them with family & friends during the holidays to share and promote good health. We soon found out that they loved what we were producing and they wanted more " A lot more" At this point we decided that helping others understand the benefits of high quality all natural plant based skin care products was what we wanted to share.

Recently we have began to produce our own handcrafted CBD 99% pure cannabidiol lotions and balms with the purest high quality ingredients available. By handcrafting our own we can assure the ingredients are pure and the price is low for all to benefit. 

Just Breathe Natural Scents was born. With one goal to help you with your journey to healthy skin care & effective alternative healing products that are hand crafted with the finest ingredients at a reasonable price. 

We are with you and understand your needs for a healthy & pain free life style

Ken Burke

Just Breathe Natural Scents LLC

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